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WAFUWest African Football Union
WAFUWireless Access Fixed Unit
WAFUWeapons and Fuel Users (Royal Navy)
WAFUWrapped, Assembled, Fitted, Unassembled
WAFUWestern Arctic Field Unit (Canada)
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Gu's work was not only organized more systematically than Liu's Wafu ji, but also provided an extensive appendix of short articles discussing topics ranging from a specific term in a folksong to a debate on sections of Shi jing (Book of Odes, [TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII]).
Wafu Works owned by Jan Ochi - is a small business retailer, selling Japanese fabrics to textile artists.
As one of the leading officials in the West African region said: "Dissolving WAFU under the pretext that West Africa is supposed to have two different groupings, as they do in CAF, is a political tactic to stop the region from forging a common political position.
While some Wafu regulars have appreciated the extra effort to reduce waste for the sake of the environment, others say it's overbearing.
Recommended items: Variety of yakitori items with chicken parts, ground chicken, pork or vegetables, also salmon or chicken teriyaki, wafu steak, furofuki daikon and nasu ni eggplant.
Wafu Bowl - Listening to health-conscious customers like winner Mayo, Wahoo's added a Tofu Combo Platter.
Also, in Australia, the restaurant Wafu charges 30% more to diners that don't finish their plates.
Whilst the secretaries of the various regional football groupings, like WAFU (The West African Football Union), COSAFA (their Southern African counterparts) and CECAFA (for Central and East Africa), delivered uninspiring reports, not a single proposal for the betterment of African football was on the agenda, discussed or raised by any federation president at the congress
Each meal starts with miso soup, followed by three courses from a selection of ZUMAeIUs most popular dishes, including seaweed salad with sesame wafu sauce; the nigiri selection of seabass, salmon and tuna; and the assorted vegetable and hammour tempura.
In other Inter-Company C games, Lifestyle (4-2) edged winless Legends 64-63, Dar Jana downed Freyssinet 82-76 and Saudi Diyar beat Wafu Wafu Tropa feeps 67-62.
In the nightcap Thursday, Sweet Bloomer blasted Panda to smithereens 97-55 to improve to 4-1 in Inter-Company B, AMI Pioneer crushed Wafu Wafu Tropa feeps 94-57 in the first game Thursday then returned the next day to inflict a similar drubbing on Veolia Water 86-53 in Inter-Company D while AVK overpowered Lifestyle 88-52 and ALJ United Leasing Co.
The defeat dropped Westside into a tie for the lead at 3-1 with Huta, which dealt Wafu Wafu Tropa Pips an ugly 91-49 thrashing in the third game Thursday.