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0 per cent increase in 2011 due to the cost of living allowance and incremental salary increases within wage grade scales.
Asked if his union was prepared to discuss a freeze in the incremental salary increases within the wage grade scales if the government pushes the measures through, Hadjipetrou said civil servants agreed to a freeze in increases six years ago when Cyprus was trying to fulfil the criteria to join the eurozone.
Patterns of employment are very similar across all wage grade, blue-collar positions.
While a moratorium has been placed on wage rises for 2010 and 2011, the increase was recorded due to the cost of living allowance and incremental salary increases within wage grade scales.
Single status, devised in 1997 when Labour came to power, is designed to do away with the distinction between blue and white collar workers, scrap the maze of different wage grades and ensure that everyone is paid at the same rate for the job they perform.
Great weight has been placed on length of service within the employment unit throughout the period in which the system of wage grades has operated: seniority is a central aspect of the Chinese wage system.
The former is likely to be governed by the centrally imposed system of wage grades, whereas the latter depends more on the policy and resources of the employer: concepts of fairness (for example, everyone should receive the same) or productivity (for example, rewards for individual efficiency) are more likely to apply than seniority per se.
In compliance with the recommendations, the agreement provides for the consolidation of more than 1,400 separate wage rates into 15 wage grades.