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W4TBWaiting for the Bus (band)
W4TBWait for the Bell (student website)
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But one gentleman in particular became irritated at having to wait for the bell boy to return for his luggage, so he carried it himself.
resolutions, nor winners, because we could hardly wait for the bell to
Young man, I'd appreciate it if you would ask no more questions and wait for the bell. Excuse me, but I happen to be aware that there are five minutes before the bell goes.
Abeylegesse made an effort to up the pace but the strong-finishing Ethiopians looked happy to bide their time and wait for the bell.
Rather than wait for the bell to toll, consumers, especially gardeners and car-washing enthusiasts, can act now by investing in water butts linked to soakaways to collect every drop of water that falls on to roofs, paths and driveways within the boundaries of their properties.
"I feel in great shape and cannot wait for the bell. "I am expecting terrific support as well from all my fans in Birmingham who are making the trip.
As Magee was visibly dazed, a second punch had him on the ropes and he couldn't wait for the bell to go.
I couldn't wait for the bell to ring to send us all home for the day.
I'm making mental notes and slipping them into the bottom of his school bag as we wait for the bell. I spy a line running away down the storm-water drain and sideways-glance before making a snatch-and-grab for it.
"When they don't need us, it's 'stick around the firehouse, wait for the bell to ring, and don't bother us.'"
But Price has fought just once without his headguard and so can't wait for the bell to ring at the Seaburn Centre tomorrow night.
So under the careful eye of trainer Gerry Storey, who has coached five Olympic boxers and World Champion Barry McGuigan in his Holy Family Boxing Club, we took to the ring "Show me what you've got!" I said and we touched gloves before returning to our corners to wait for the bell to ring.