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WFAWaiting For Approval
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WFAIntelligence Warfighting Functional Area (US DoD)
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She said: "It has been waiting for approval from Europe, which is necessary for all legislation involving tax, and is not coming back until the end of this week, but that still gives them time to get it finished by the end of September for an October 1 enactment.
The chairman added that the goal of this mechanism is to facilitate investors in obtaining the necessary approvals for their projects as long as they are within the limits permitted by the Ministry of Electricity, rather than waiting for approval from the Supreme Council of Energy.
He added the state was waiting for approval from Brussels to grant some BGN 170 M (EUR 85 M) to the cash-stripped railway company, which is still struggling to deliver on its debts accumulated prior to Bulgaria's accession into the EU.
Experts say a three-month course of Sovaldi (sofosbuvir), which is waiting for approval to be used on the NHS, cures 97 per cent of cases.
We are waiting for approval from the BDDK for 80 million liras capital increase.
So far six Taiwanese banks have operated in China for more than one year and only two are allowed to handle renminbi (RMB)-based services, with the remaining four still waiting for approval.
The Lexington facility is also currently waiting for approval by the FDA after a preliminary inspection.
Summary: Telecom Egypt's new CEO Tarek Aboualam has announced that the company is waiting for approval from the National Telecommunication Regulatory Authority to establish Egypt's first virtual mobile network.
Demand for LEED certification has created a backlog of projects waiting for approval.
And the chain is still waiting for approval from the Financial Services Authority to launch products such as mortgages.
Necdet Ozel as the new chief of the General Staff was still waiting for approval but there was no problem.
Granma said authorization for buying and selling property would be performed by licensed notaries, avoiding months and years of waiting for approval from various ministries and other government bodies.