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Police said that some miscreants hurled the grenade at the Buleda bus stop near Clock Chowk when the people were waiting for the bus.
13), after he tried to retrieve an NT$10 (US$0.32) coin he had dropped while waiting for the bus, reported UDN.
'The front tyre of the car removed on motion, the driver lost control and hit the women standing by the roadside, who were school teachers waiting for the bus that will take them to Ibadan.
The man remained in his vehicle when spoke with the juveniles and left as soon as they told him they were waiting for the bus.
I have nowhere to sit while waiting for the bus. What I usually do is carry a scarf, or an umbrella, or I stand in a shaded area near buildings.
They should stay out of the street and avoid excessive horseplay while waiting for the bus. They must also wait for the bus to completely stop before approaching it.
More youngsters patiently waiting for the bus in 1966
A PENSIONER fed up of waiting for the bus in the wind and rain has launched a campaign for a shelter to be built in her village.
I was at the bus stop in Park Road waiting for an 82 bus, I have severe arthritis in my hip and walk with a stick, there were also children there from two schools waiting for the bus home.
Samantha Bowman, Rebecca's mother, said: "All she was doing was waiting for the bus to go to Hatfield with her friends, doing nothing wrong.
I was in Satwa Bus Station yesterday at 4:40 waiting for the bus. Waiting in line (for ladies) under the heat of the sun for almost two hours is horrible and very tiring especially now that no one is allowed to drink or eat because of Ramadan.
People traveling on Go North East's X66 Centrelink to carry out their Christmas shopping in Newcastle city centre will be able to pay their fare while waiting for the bus to help it run on time.
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