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WFTSWaiting for the Sun (Doors album/song)
WFTSWillamette Family Treatment Services (Eugene, OR)
WFTSWisconsin Frog and Toad Survey (Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources)
WFTSWorkshop for the Soul (Catholic Internet radio station)
WFTSWarfighting from the Sea (US Marine Corps)
WFTSWichita Falls Transit System (Texas)
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And he sat down on the seat again with a smile upon his face, waiting for the sun to set.
I had previously seen the snakes in frosty mornings in my path with portions of their bodies still numb and inflexible, waiting for the sun to thaw them.
and The Master's Sun, and portrayals of soft masculinity in dramas focusing on the "flower boy" images; and cultural exchanges occurring in the political-economic contexts of television co-production and adaptation, with discussion of the influence of political economy on media through the Chinese and Korean co-produced Modern Family and Master Lin in Seoul, Korean adaptations of US television series The Good Wife and Criminal Minds, and Waiting for the Sun, the Turkish adaptation of Boys Over Flowers.
Waiting for the Sun will take place across two stages and feature 12 ofTeesside's top bands on Bank Holiday Sunday, May 5.
Waiting For The Sun 50th Anniversary Deluxe Edition ***
This is the summer solstice, although I shall be avoiding the garden and take no part in ancient traditions such as burning food over charcoal at a barbecue whilst drinking strong lager or standing inside a stone circle and waiting for the sun to rise with hippies, pagans and the Druid King of Britain King Arthur Uther Pendragon, a 63-year-old ex-soldier who was born in Wakefield.
"Waiting for the sun to come up to start work isn't an option for many, especially our farmers," said Rob Bresnahan, CEO of Larson Electronics LLC." We've made sure that this series of LED light packages has been equipped with affordable high-illumination LEDs that are able to last through the many harsh conditions encountered out in the fields."
With late in the evening becoming wonderful tonight, the stage was taken over by the western music team who went on and on till the doors closed waiting for the sun to rise and dawn breaking.
Unexpectedly they were given 10 minutes of free time, waiting for the sun to set behind planet Earth before it was safe to approach the solar arrays.
When dark clouds gather over the centre, based in Huyton, Beau rushes to his bed waiting for the sun to come out once again.
Having celebrated six years on the market, Waiting for the Sun is something of a veteran player in the wood frames sector, but the innovations have not stopped coming.
This means male models have once again been relegated to the back bench, waiting for the sun to shine again.