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WOLWake-On-LAN (Intel networked remote control)
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WOLWay Of Life
WOLWorld Online
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A network packet used to wake up a PC remotely using the Wake-on-LAN technology includes the PC's MAC address as a unique identifier.
Our corporate customers who have tens of thousands of computers in their networks can complete Wake-on-LAN preparation steps including MAC addresses collection within only a few minutes.
The WakeOnLan utility provides network administrators with all features required to use the Wake-on-LAN technology in large corporate networks.
The commercial version allows full automation of Wake-on-LAN operations.
A flexible address filtering block provides VLAN frame detection, and the optional remote monitoring (RMON) and power management blocks support Magic Packet and Wake-on-LAN.
Marvell's Alaska Ultra transceiver is the first and only Gigabit Ethernet over copper device to support advanced power management modes, including support for Wake-on-LAN, reducing power consumption to near zero (less than 5 mW).
Wake-On-LAN (WOL) for PC99 and Windows 2000 Compliance
The BCM5402 incorporates several advanced intelligent network functions, including a Wake-On-LAN (WOL) mode consuming less than 600 milliwatts per port, cable diagnostic software support, Link Quality LED, and Ethernet@WireSpeed(TM).
The SC1543 is ideal for designers of Mini PCI cards implementing wake-on-ring or wake-on-LAN functionality, which requires the ability to operate in, and wake from, a D3cold state," said Eddie Yeow, director of portable product marketing for Semtech Corp.
Plus Ethernet and Wake-on-LAN and other power management functions like backlight turnoff.
The Gig MAC provides full Wake-On-LAN (WOL) support, and is fully ACPI power management compliant.
With separate logic cores for 10/100Mbps and Gigabit modes, the Enhanced Gig PHYTER transceiver allows low-power Wake-on-LAN functionality to be implemented in adapter cards, providing a significant advantage for National's infrastructure and workgroup switch partners.