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WFWaiting For
WFWhat If
WFWake Forest (University)
WFWells-Fargo (bank)
WFWallis and Futuna Islands (ISO country code)
WFWeight Forward (fly fishing)
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WFWindfury (gaming, World of Warcraft)
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WFWychowanie Fizyczne (Polish: Physical Education)
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WFWorkfiles (assembly language ASM51 assembler control)
WFWeather and Forecasting
WFWorking Formula (mathematics)
WFWestern Folklore (journal)
WFWar Fight (US Army)
WFWindforce (Hydra) Bow (gaming)
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WFWire, Field
WFWild-Card Filter
WFWithdrawal and Failure (grade)
WFWriter's Festival
WFWarfighting Functions
WFWeb Fountain (IBM)
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Almost repenting of his frolic, or whatever it may be termed, Wakefield lies down betimes, and starting from his first nap, spreads forth his arms into the wide and solitary waste of the unaccustomed bed.
Wakefield sifts his ideas, however, as minutely as he may, and finds himself curious to know the progress of matters at home--how his exemplary wife will endure her widowhood of a week; and, briefly, how the little sphere of creatures and circumstances, in which he was a central object, will be affected by his removal.
Wakefield, the smart maid servant, and the dirty little footboy--raise a hue and cry, through London streets, in pursuit of their fugitive lord and master?
After a ten years' separation, thus Wakefield meets his wife!
I conceive, also, that these twenty years would appear, in the retrospect, scarcely longer than the week to which Wakefield had at first limited his absence.
One evening, in the twentieth year since he vanished, Wakefield is taking his customary walk towards the dwelling which he still calls his own.
Like Wakefield, he may become, as it were, the Outcast of the Universe.
Last meeting: Huddersfield 36, Wakefield 16 (Super League, |Round 10 - April 21) Super League summary: Wakefield won 9, Huddersfield won 26 | Wakefield highest score: 40-12, home 1999 (Widest margin: |38-6, A, 2004) Huddersfield highest score: 58-6, home 2010 (Widest margin: |52-0, A, 2010; 58-6, H, 2010) Milestones - Wakefield's Paul Sykes needs six goals to reach |500 for his career.
He was a retired custodian for the Wakefield Public School System.
1% of the equity capital from Cushman & Wakefield management and employees, who will retain up to 32.
The newly achieved electron pulses, which last only tens of femtoseconds, pack energy up to 1,000 times as densely as did electron packets produced by wakefield accelerators of the past, Katsouleas notes.
By far the biggest portion of that revenue, $820 million, came from Cushman & Wakefield.