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The National Labor Committee's effort against Wal-Mart is part of its People's Right to Know Campaign.
Oliver Mulcahy hired as Director of Retail Distribution to run office, and promote distribution relationship with Wal-Mart on behalf of DMG marketing clients
PALMDALE - Vandals damaged construction equipment and painted slogans against Wal-Mart and capitalism at the company's Supercenter under construction in west Palmdale.
On October 20, Wal-Mart announced plans to begin selling a wide selection of prescription drugs for just $4 per prescription at stores in 14 states.
The Democrats are running against Wal-Mart in the fall Congressional elections, and not just the wild-eyed progressive ones.
As Republican politicians remain squeamishly silent about these new initiatives, prominent Democratic presidential hopefuls such as Joseph Biden and Hilary Clinton happily paint Wal-Mart as the sworn enemy of the embattled middle class.
New York Times columnists John Tierney and Paul Krugman weigh in on Wal-Mart and its impact on America.
No matter what you think is wrong with the world-pollution, street crime, poverty, outsourcing, racial prejudice, failing public schools--Greenwald knows something that's making the problem worse: Wal-Mart.
ASK ANYONE wheeling a loaded cart from a Wal-Mart why she shops there and it's a good bet she'll say it's hard to beat the prices, whether it's on a popular toy, pantyhose, bundles of paper towels or a case of Dr Pepper.
You are misled; we are not morally opposed to the fact that Thrasher has a Wal-Mart advertisement.
With jobs and retailers scarce in the West Side's Austin neighborhood, some residents there are eager for the opening of a controversial Wal-Mart, which will be the first ever to open its doors within Chicago s city limits.
Attempting to capture some of the organic wealth, supermarkets including Publix, Kroger, North Carolina's Ingles stores, and the mega market that is Wal-Mart (the number one seller of food in the country) now all carry organic foods.