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WALDOWestchester Academic Library Directors Organization (est. 1982)
WALDOWork and Live District Overlay (zoning strategy; New Jersey)
WALDOWisconsin Asbestos and Lead Database Online (Department of Health Services)
WALDOWayfinding Agents for Locating Distributed Objects
WALDOWellington Avenue Local Development Organization (Chicago, IL)
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Comisiynwyd y cerflunydd John Meirion Morris i greu penddelw efydd o Waldo.
Paying tribute to their much-loved dog, Sophie took toInstagramto show off a small portrait of Waldo tattooed on an undisclosed part of her body, with the caption: "I miss you, Waldo.
Waldo was named as a conduit for the deposits made in local banks intended for Duterte.
Waldo said that during the shooting they ate at many different local restaurants, went to old streets, climbed mountains and connected with the local people.
Regardless, RedPepper's little robot is still pretty adept at spoiling a good challenge of playing Where's Waldo? Just think, if Skynet had given its Terminator robots the same ability.
Schroeder and Waldo made the split-second decision to simultaneously open the doors on both the driver's and passenger's sides.
It is obvious Eddie has no shame in blatantly taking Waldo's wife, home, clothes, and money right from under Waldo's nose.
Gwelsom Ysgol Blaenconin lle roedd Waldo yn ddisgybl a'i dad yn brifathro, ac wedi troi oddi ar y ffordd fawr, a cherdded ar hyd lon wledig, dyma gyrraedd Rhosaeron, cartre'r taid a'r nain.
Waldo presents students, academics, researchers, and general interest readers with an examination of the Pittsburgh Pirates baseball team and their historic 1902 season.
The Waldo Tunnel is in Marin County, where Williams grew up and lived before committing suicide at his home there in August.
On the 30-acre Green Lake fire west of Waldo Lake, firefighters established a hose-lay system to supply water.