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The topic of today's environment and how it impacts all of us -- personally and professionally -- has never been hotter, and we expect 'Environmental Capital' to appeal to a wide range of interested parties, from executives at traditional and emerging energy companies to investors and policy makers around the world," Almar Latour, managing editor of The Wall Street Journal Online, said in a statement.
The Wall Street Journal Online network includes CareerJournal.
Dow Jones said The Wall Street Journal Online Law Page carries original content relevant to law firms, lawyers and the business people who work with them.
The Wall Street Journal Online also recently launched a mobile edition, The Wall Street Journal Mobile, which provides business and financial news from WSJ.
New or existing subscribers to The Wall Street Journal Online can choose to have the Health Industry Edition as their front page when they access the Online Journal site.
Our goal is to deliver a more personal experience for our users by seamlessly exposing them to the depth and breadth of content across The Wall Street Journal Online," said Daniel Bernard, General Manager of WSJ.
Building on the success of The Afternoon Report, our goal is to provide Online Journal subscribers an early-morning look at news of the past day, so they will know the collective intelligence of the market based on information from The Wall Street Journal and Dow Jones Newswires, as well as other newspapers and online news services," said Bill Grueskin, managing editor of The Wall Street Journal Online.
The Wall Street Journal Online announced the launch of The Afternoon Report, a twice-daily e-mail alert that contains summaries of top news from around the world.
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