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It was observed that, if a pressure acts inside the tube, the deformation of the wall thickness is smaller than in the case of the bending without pressure.
Firstly the minimum required wall thickness of tubes should be calculated as follows [1]:
Common carotid artery (CCA) wall thickness was similarly predictive, with event rates ranging from 2.
For TMP, the fiber wall thickness had an effect on the light-scattering coefficient.
The estimated cost of the limited screen would be a mere $2 per student if the criterion for referral for a full echo exam was a septal wall thickness of 15 mm or more (none of the 197 athletes had a wall that thick).
Carotid wall thickness was measured with ultrasound, and the women were then randomized to receive a daily dosage of either 1 mg estradiol-17[beta] or placebo.
The Centerwave 6000 is said to be key technology for quality assurance during the extrusion of big tubes, and features several transceivers arranged around the circumference of a tube, sending and receiving continuous frequency modulated millimeter waves for a non-contact and [micro]m-precise online measurement of diameter, ovality and wall thickness for larger tubes during the extrusion.
Most engineers who have dealt with plastics in their careers have heard that the first rule in design is that the part should maintain a uniform wall thickness.
If the ratio of the wall thickness to pipe diameter is set to zero, the wall-bending stress goes to zero.
This method ultrasonically measures the kettle wall thickness using a submerged probe cooled by CO2.
For the plain molds, the external dimensions were 300 mm x 300 mm x 300 mm with a wall thickness of 8 mm.