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All around the walls of the cave were thousands of doors of silver and gold, built into the solid rock, and these extended in rows far away into the distance, as far as Ozma's eyes could follow them.
Great stalactites and stalagmites of accreted stuff, growing inwards from the walls of the cave.
For any viewer expecting to be pleasantly charmed by primitive stick figures inelegantly scratched upon the interior walls of the cave, those expectations are immediately dashed with the breathtakingly gorgeous Panel of the Horses in the Hillaire Chamber-North.
This gutsy character slides down using a pickaxe on the walls of the cave and propels himself towards the other wall to avoid icicles and bats in the way.
shade and light - Moustafa Mahran The breaking of light through the walls of the cave creates astonishing formations of bright colors, adding to its awesomeness one color at a time.
But they aren't nearly bright enough to light up the far walls of the cave.
Scooting to a stop, they heard something rasping against the walls of the cave. A vile smell like moldy eggplant reached their noses, making them want to faint.
The engraved map of Kizkapan Abdulla talks about a map engraved on the walls of the cave, and states that in the map there are two men with their hands held up and their arrows on the ground, seemingly conveying a message of peace.
The ancient artists appear to have taken their inspiration for the erotic images from rock formations in the caves resembling breasts and penises and then carved the images in the walls of the cave, Zarges said.
Etched on the walls of the cave, a Mahayana chaitya, are a long train of figurines -- his followers mourning his passage above.
The slate-rock walls of the cave converged behind it and extended beyond the cliff over the ravine which fell thousands of feet below into a white nothingness.