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The 56-year-old, a worker at Walsall Local History Centre, said: "There are a lot of people who have, or have had, Amstrads who are looking for a place to hang out.
"I have been up to the Walsall local history centre, tried Google and also my friend placed the photo on the old Bloxwich and Walsall website.
(10) Walsall Local History Centre, Archives of the Walsall Liberal Association [hereafter cited as WLA] 31 /1/3, meeting of the Executive committee, 29 Sept.
Stuart Williams, who works at Walsall Local History Centre, said: 'We really struck lucky in making contact with Mr Rawson and he was surprised and delighted to hear that Mr Klein had been in touch and sent these wonderful photos and letters.
Paul Ford, an archivist at Walsall Council, started to research the Watson family after an autograph album dating back to 1900 was sent to Walsall Local History Centre.
For many years, Stanley Webb, one of local history's true gentlemen, was a regular visitor to Walsall Local History Centre for his research.
A keen amateur photographer, Jack donated around 10,000 snaps, slides and negatives to Walsall Local History Centre after he was burgled some years ago.
From there it was sent to Walsall Local History Centre, where the find has met with great excitement.
Mrs Ellis, a volunteer at Walsall Local History Centre, said: "Find out how the centre of Walsall looked when there was a real bridge above the town's main square, including how people had to hold their noses when tanneries emptied their products into the stream.
The book, which has been updated, is priced pounds 5.99 and is available from the Walsall Local History Centre in Essex Street and from Ottakers book store.
Ruth Vyse, manager of Walsall Local History Centre said: "She ran the cottage hospital till her death in 1878 and made it a model of its kind, in terms of the standard of care it gave to patients.
The book is published by Tempus and is available from bookshops, Walsall Local History Centre in Essex Street, or from www.tempus-publishing.com