WANNWireless Adaptable Network Node
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In general, the results of this research indicate that people react in a biased manner toward their team's performance (Wann, 2006).
With respect to fandom, assessing the degree to which one is a fan of sport in general, or a specific sport in particular, can be critical in understanding the importance of fandom for the individual (Wann & James, in press).
Wann previously served as CFO for more than two years at Royal Cup, where he managed corporate finance, accounting, commodities, information technology, pricing and procurement, and provided overall financial leadership and strategy.
Wann Jensen will also demonstrate how the quality of these experiences comes through the latest research into complex material appearance, including semi-translucent materials and clothing.
These illuminations turn the text into a Christian interpretation that links the eucharist with the seder--a prominent understanding of Christian theologians among fifteenth-century Viennese scholars, including both Friar Erhard and Wann and others at Tegernsee--hence, the title, "The Monk's Haggadah."
Of all AstraZeneca shipments that were made last year across all modes, Wann said 80 percent of all reports of mishandled products, or "excursions," originated from the airfreight sector; about 18 percent of the excursions came from road transport and just 1 percent came from ocean vessels.
Wann and Zaichkowsky hypothesized that highly identified Red Sox fans would be more apt to utilize the Curse of the Bambino as a coping strategy than would less serious fans.
Winners of the award exhibit a sustained record of accomplishments and contributions to their fields of work, demonstrate leadership and commitment to their communities, and aspire to the highest ethical standards and professional excellence within their vocations, according to FLDC coordinator Sammy Wann. Moore fits that description, said TCC President Jim Murdaugh: "Kimberly Moore is an outstanding choice to receive this great honor.
"It's not money that's the problem, but the meaning we give to it," says David Wann, author of The New Normal: An Agenda for Responsible Living.
In-group bias has been displayed in sport through fans' descriptions and evaluations of favorite and rival teams, players, and fans (Wann & Dolan, 1994; Wann & Grieve, 2005; Wann et al., 2006).
The value of sociability in spectator sports implies that people pursue a goal of satisfaction of social needs through sport spectating (Gau, 2007) to share a social connectedness (Wann, Melnick, Russell, & Pease, 2001) and a quasi-intimacy with other fans.
Their defense strategy focused on raising questions about potential contamination of the DNA evidence and on challenging the credibility of Louis Homer "Sonny" Wann Jr., a key state witness.