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Roosevelt at the outbreak of the war that war damages would be recompensed.
Under Clark, Labour has been active in international affairs, sending troops to fight in Afghanistan and keep the peace in East Timor, as well as sending engineers to Iraq to rebuild war damage, although she disagreed with the US-led invasion.
Kuwait Airways is carrying out its threat to force the Iraqi Government to pay reparations over war damage by seizing interests in Bombardier regional jets destined for Iraq.
In the end none of the designs was implemented, the site was wrecked by war damage and it was not until after the fall of the Wall that any serious plans re-emerged.
WAR DAMAGE: Huge bomb in Mosul yesterday and US patrol in Baghdad
Perhaps the landmine campaign may serve as a model for mitigating other types of war damage and trauma.
The existing building was constructed more than half a century ago following extensive war damage to the previous buildings in the street during the 1941 blitz on Liverpool.
The organisation's political risk insurance policies already cover lenders financing projects, overseas investors or export contractors against losses arising from any one or a combination of the following risk events: expropriation, such as nationalisation of an investment or plant and equipment by the overseas host government; war damage or political violence; currency inconvertibility and exchange transfer blockage; and sovereign breach of contract.
Mismanagement and war damage have left the economy only half the size it was in 1990.
3) The countries involved in the original invasion accept all financial responsibility for repairing war damage. Financial liability of other nations is limited to items not directly related to the war, such as police work and humanitarian aid.
Agency for International Development is preparing to award at least six contracts, each worth $100 million or more, to repair any war damage in Iraq, the Wall Street Journal reported.