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WDWasher & Dryer
WDWestern Digital (storge solutions)
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WDWestern Economic Diversification Canada (Canada)
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WDWar Diary
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WDWatford (UK postal Code)
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WDWide Differential (SCSI)
WDWeibull Distribution
WDWhen Discovered (Nalcomis)
WDWeapons Director
WDWeapon Data
WDWet Dock (DD3)
WDWrist-Disarticulation (amputation)
WDWireless Directive (US DoD)
WDWestminster Dragoons (UK Territorial Army)
WDWafer Defect(s)
WDWord Displacement
WDWeak Dipole
WDWorld Devastator (Star Wars)
WDWarm Dielectric (high temperature superconducting cables)
WDWestern Economic Development Canada
WDWet/Dry Index
WDWDS Processing (Tartar Module)
WDWord Disparity
WDWorld Domination Recordings (Capitol Records)
WDWeekend Dykes
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The War Department revealed many of its problems to Ike right away.
12) Faced with a choice over how to react to these new policies, they opted to endorse the reforming impulses of the War Department, but to argue that a Protestant organization could never adequately meet the needs of their soldiers, who, they claimed, required the services of their own welfare agencies.
Less than eight months later, the first War Department employees moved into a still unfinished building.
War Department (1895-1933), and the current administrator, the National Park Service (NPS).
For example, in the first quarter of the 19th century, the War Department generally assigned them as individual staff officers to the two military departments.
Vogel's story takes shape in early 1941, with Franklin Roosevelt's War Department and its concerns about the ability of the United States to plan for and wage what it saw as a coming global war.
S War Department while working for RCA from 1945 to 1949.
By war's end, Airmen had earned a certain independence and respect within the War Department.
Jobs were being offered as civilian crewmen with the War Department Fleet at Plymouth, on the High Speed Target Towing boats.