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In the U.S., MI evolved into a full-fledged member of the War Department General Staff. Meanwhile, in France, GEN John J.
During this time, when he worked in the Operations Division of the War Department General Staff, he coauthored the air-campaign strategy known as Air War Plans Division--Plan 1, the plan for organizing, equipping, deploying, and employing the Army Air Forces to defeat Germany and Japan should the United States become embroiled in war.
Although the Army in 1946 reorganized the former ASF's "administrative services" under the Adjutant General's Department and the ASF's "personnel services" under the Assistant Chief of Staff, G-1 (both of these organizations being supervised by the Director of Personnel and Administration on the War Department General Staff), this action did little to clear up actual lines of control and coordination.
This become so important that AIRIND and its personnel were transferred to Washington to become part of MIS (Military Intelligence Service) as part of the War Department General Staff;
The War College actually began to function with the passage of the General Staff Act of 1903, which in essence made the institution an adjunct to the War Department General Staff, a key concept in Root's military reforms.
Military Academy, West Point, as a second lieutenant of infantry (1892); with the 15th Infantry Regiment at Fort Sheridan, Illinois, participated in suppression of Chicago railroad strike riots (1894); in Cuba as aide-de-camp to General Sumner (1898-1899); served with his regiment in the China Relief Expedition (Boxer Rebellion) (1900-1901); instructor and assistant professor of chemistry at West Point (1901-1906); served in the Philippines (1906-1908) and was civil governor of the Lanao District on Mindanao; student at Fort Leavenworth, Kansas (1906-1908); assigned to the War Department General Staff, Washington, D.C., under Gen.