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The War Diary of Alistair McKenzie is available to purchase from Picaresque Books and Gallery Fantoosh in Dingwall and from Amazon.
Critique: "I Am Perhaps Dying: The Medical Backstory of Spinal Tuberculosis Hidden in the Civil War Diary of LeRoy Wiley Gresham" is a unique and extraordinary study that will prove to be a valued and enduringly appreciated addition to college and university library American Medical History collections in general, and Spinal Tuberculosis supplemental studies reading lists in particular.
The battalion commander, Lt-Col CG Ashton, struck a bored note as he recorded days of "nothing to report" in the war diary except declining rates of malaria and increasing rates of dysentery.
Writing the war diary is interesting, because you had to be on top of everything, you had to be involved with everything because you were writing every day; [this information] was going to Ottawa once a month with all the maps and other documents, they built their archives.
As Lucy Hughes-Hallett points out in her excellent introduction to this volume, Iris Origo, with typical modesty, referred in her memoirs to her "little war diary" in no more than a passing subordinate clause.
Volunteers wishing to take part in Operation War Diary can join the project at www.operationwardiary.org
A social activist, writer, and journalist, Xie was the author of several memoirs including her 1928 (War Diary) and her 1936 (A Woman Soldier's Own Story).
Glamorgan Archives will be featuring each entry from Mervyn Crawshay's war diary on our blog, so that his experience of the war can be followed day-by-day one hundred years later.
ON reading the "War Diary, July 16 1917" (Echo, July 16), we learn that the Lady Mayoress unveiled a 'beautiful little war shrine' outside the old church of St Peter's in Church Street, Liverpool.