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WHQWar Headquarters
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"This is Civil War headquarters here," said Guaranty general manager Shannon Nill, gesturing up at the side-by-side color photographs of Autzen and Reser stadiums on the showroom wall.
US Central Command says in a statement from its war headquarters in Qatar that 2 high-ranking members of Saddam Hussein's government - Abdul Tawab Mullah Hwaish, a deputy prime minister and head of the Ministry of Military Industrialisation, and Taha Mohieddin Ma'rouf, a vice president under Saddam and member of his Revolutionary Command Council - have been apprehended and "now in coalition control".
Meanwhile America began testing a mobile war headquarters in the Gulf amid preparations for an attack on Iraq.
The historic tins, which commemorate three log cabin sites being restored this year under the Foundation's "Restoration of America's Log Cabins" program, include: the Continental Army Encampment at Valley Forge National Historical Park in Valley Forge, Pa.; the Maltese Cross Cabin at Theodore Roosevelt National Park in Medora, N.D.; and Grant's Civil War Headquarters at City Point, Petersburg National Battlefield, Hopewell, Va.
Sir Charles said that the war headquarters of the 3rd Army at Kursumlija which was hit on the first night was badly damaged.
He offers a tightly focused reconstruction of the Johnson White House as Vietnam War headquarters and Johnson as commander in chief.
While those who sought to preserve George Washington's Revolutionary War headquarters could write that "the flame of patriotism [will] burn in our bosoms when we tread the ground where was shed the blood of our fathers," and some visitors to the Gettysburg battlefield have felt they were ascending the rugged heights of Calvary, poets and novelists and dramatists have performed their cultural work of asking questions subversive of martial awe.
RARE papers and insights from people who worked with Winston Churchill in his underground war headquarters have been revealed by the Imperial War Museums.
A US spokesman at war headquarters in Qatar said: "When we came into this the secretary of defence, Donald Rumsfeld, said one big concern was the nexus between this regime and terrorism.
In downtown Magnolia McCollum-Chidester House Built in 1847 and served as Civil War headquarters for Union Gen.
"We are launching soft war headquarters in all provinces throughout the country," Brigadier General Jazayeri said, adding, "Intelligent confrontation with the enemy is one of the main objectives of this move." He pointed to soft war as one of the most important topics of the day, and said, "Different dimensions of soft war should be identified by the (domestic) media followed by tough action to repel and defuse such invasions." Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Seyed Ali Khamenei has also on many occasions warned against enemies' soft-war plots against Iran's resolve towards progress.