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1974); Robert Himmelberg, The War Industries Board and the Antitrust Question in November 1918, 52 J.
9) Bernard Baruch, "The War Industries Board in Lecture at the Army War College, 12 February 1924.
Brandes pays no attention to Wilson's observation, and only slightly more to the precedent established by the War Industries Board.
Automobile production was suspended as auto makers were ordered by the War Industries Board to convert to 100% war work before Jan.
into World War I--the Conservation Division of the War Industries Board in Washington, D.
A statement made by War Industries Board Chairman Bernard Baruch on August 7, 1918 (and unfortunately not included in Fleming's book) illustrated the extent to which WWI-era America had been re-cast in the image portrayed in Philip Dru: "Every man's life is at the call of the nation and so must be every man's property.
Starting with the War Industries Board and the National Defense Act of 1920, Koistinen deftly elucidates the institutional rivalries among the army general staff, the bureaus (supply arms and services), and the mobilization planning staff in the Office of the Assistant Secretary of War (OASW).
To do so, it turned to the business elite for voluntary cooperation and leadership, keeping the planning in the hands of civilians through such agencies as the powerful War Industries Board during the First World War.
The recent experience of national mobilization during World War I under Woodrow Wilson's War Industries Board demonstrated the awesome power of industrial cooperation under government management.
Like other agencies, such as the Treasury Department and the War Industries Board, the Food Administration staged public demonstrations as a way of building support for its programs and issued floods of propaganda.
35) This information was desperately needed by the War Industries Board, the Allied Purchasing Commission, and the Priorities Board.