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WPBWest Palm Beach (Florida)
WPBWorkforce Performance Builder (Systems, Applications & Products in Data Processing)
WPBWar Production Board
WPBWorking Party on Billfish (Indian Ocean Tuna Commission)
WPBWeibel-Palade Bodies
WPBWaste Paper Basket
WPBWaste Paper Bin
WPBPatrol Craft, Large (USCGC)
WPBWide-Pulse Blanking
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The War Production Board reached its decision in March.
As demands for full production increased, the War Production Board too often turned a blind eye to labor-law violators in issuing its contracts.
'4The War Production Board banned the zoot suit because of the extra material required in the long jackets and draped trousers.
Louis Chapter that "the side which maintains the larger production of war goods is going to win the war." The War Production Board reports later that each U.S.
He was superintendent of the technical department at the Lakeview mill, project leader in the technical department at Neenah, and later, division head of K-C War Production board research-engineering unit.
A few weeks after Pearl Harbor, Nathan was appointed chairman of the planning committee of the War Production Board (WPB), and soon thereafter, Simon Kuznets also joined the WPB.
As Donald Nelson of the War Production Board later explained, his agency, compared to its World War I counterpart, "was 10 times as large, just as our war needs were 10 times as large."
Civilian goods production, reported PROGRESSIVE GROCER, would be limited, even though the War Production Board had revoked its limitation orders on more than 70 product lines.
(The Cubs did attempt to gain War Production Board approval for lights later during the war but were denied, as was their idea to play night games in Comiskey Park rebuffed by American League President Will Harridge.)
Radosh points out, Remington was a spy who met secretly with Communist operatives and "willingly handed over classified War Production Board material pertaining to aircraft production."
to serve in wartime agencies including the War Production Board, War Food Administration and the Office of Price Administration.
A sampling of his various positions in government shows how invariably his interests were on practical policy formulation--the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation, the Office of Price Administration, the War Production Board, and the Office of War Mobilization and Re-conversion.