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Contents Introduction The Current Situation Piracy Events and Impacts Insurance Industry Effects The Economic Costs and Consequences of Piracy Basics of Marine Insurance Hull Insurance Ocean Cargo Insurance War Risk Insurance Protection and Indemnity Insurance Options for Congress Contacts Author Contact Information
With regard to the insurance reimbursement program, the FAA implemented a systematic review process to determine the increases carriers experienced in their war risk insurance premiums following the terrorist attacks and to reimburse the carriers accordingly.
11 terror attacks on the United States prevented commercial airlines from operating for several days in some of their most important markets and left consumer confidence badly damaged for weeks, while the cancellation of war risk insurance for airlines also inhibited operations.
Discussions, which followed, centered on homeland security, critical infrastructure protection, war risk insurance, and technology requirements for combating terrorism.
Since late September, international shipping companies have been levying war risk insurance surcharges of 100 USD per container or 5 USD per ton on all cargo to and from Pakistan.
In the past, courts have relied on the conventions of international law and the historic understanding of the scope of war risk insurance to draw the line.
However, Cathay Pacific said Monday it has reached a deal with a private insurance company to increase the war risk insurance, enabling it to continue to operate as normal.
transactions the seller obtains ocean freight and marine and war risk insurance on behalf of the buyer at the buyer's cost.
The event was held to mark the 35th anniversary of Bahrain-based Arab War Risk Insurance Syndicate (AWRIS).
25 billion coverage excess of $0 self-insured per occurrence retention, for Aviation War Risk Insurance coverage, placed through the domestic and international markets.
No ship owner would want to send his vessel to the region for repairs since there would be massive war risk insurance involved.
airline lobbied on legislation dealing with aviation security, passenger rights, war risk insurance, tax issues and Federal Aviation Administration reauthorization, according to the form posted online Feb.