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WARSIMWar Simulation
WARSIMWarfighters Simulation 2000
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Summary: A two-week-long war simulation exercise by the U.
UNLIKE some war simulation games,in which you have to create your forces before going into action,World War II Frontline Command for the PC takes you straight into the action.
You won't find the latest Civil War simulation from the great Sid Meier on store shelves anywhere.
war simulations that have assumed an Israeli attack on Iran: "Soon, the battle sucks the region in, and then Washington.
The drills reportedly include testing of missile alert sirens, Israel Defense Force war simulations, Homefront Command, police and emergency services responses and drills in hospitals and emergency centers.
99)2004 has been a big year for war simulations, but it seems the gaming public are still thirsty for more.
Popular simulations include real world simulations, fantasy world simulations, management games, stock market games, war simulations, and flight simulations.
The Pentagon's war simulations can involve several hundred participants and extensive use of computers.