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Keywords: War on Terror, Terrorism, War on Terror in Pakistan, Pak-India Relation, Pak-US relation
It challenges concepts of a dominant "war on terror" discourse and views theatre as a place of cultural production that engages with discursive regimes of war and terrorism and both combats representations and replicates them.
ISLAMABAD -- Former defence minister and Pakistan Muslim League Nawaz (PML-N) leader Khawaja Asif has said Pakistan's enemies want to undermine its achievements in war on terror.
Condemning terror attack on the Chinese Consulate in Karachi, he tweeted: 'Our enemies operating through their proxies want to belittle and disparage our success in war on terror. Attack on Chinese consulate is not random, enemies of CPEC and peace in this region are active to implement their nefarious agenda thru likes of Kulbashan Jadev.'
The resolution was tabled by Nighat Orakzai of PPP, saying that Pakistan has rendered matchless sacrifices in war on terror and laid down more than 70,000 precious lives.
While the US is overseeing and leading the international war on terror from the front, it is true that the US remains the most flagrant example of a country having double standards while fighting the war on terror.
This is because America's bogus War on Terror refuses to end in the heartlands of the Muslim world.
Situated in a history of radical, women of colour anthologies, this collection looks to define the "geopolitical, psychic and sociocultural repercussions of the war on terror and its expanding spatial and temporal effects." Although it is not always directly addressed, this collection is deeply influenced by the decade-long war on terror, and its resulting unequal distribution of suffering.
Public perception regarding war on terror had been a prominent issue in communication studies.
This paper aims at exploring portrayal i.e., editorial treatment of war on terror by daily The Nation and daily Times of India.
In this work stemming from Michigan State University's Muslim Studies Program, US and a few international contributors in security studies, international relations, political science, and constitutional law analyze policy aspects and societal impacts of the war on terror. Opening chapters give a brief overview of the war on terror, compare it to the Cold War, and provide background on Al-Qaeda.
The 9/11 attacks and the subsequent war on terror were among the dominant reasons expressed by the Bush administration for the invasion of Iraq.