WARAWest African Research Association (est. 1989)
WARAWelsh Amateur Rowing Association
WARAWaltham Amateur Radio Association
WARAWorld Archives of Rock Art (UK)
WARAWilliamsburg Area Restaurant Association (Williamsburg, VA)
WARAWestern Australian Rogaining Association (hiking club; Subiaco, Western Australia, Australia)
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Hartmann to the traveller's father, relate that, according to the recital of a felatah of Bornou, Vogel was merely held as a prisoner at Wara.
Moreover, the sources also revealed that the leaders summoned by FIA included, Sagheer Ahmed, Mohammad Shahid, Mohammad Zubair, Mohammad Tahir, Manzoor Ahmed, Kafeel Wara, Rauf Mughal, Kamal Siddiqui, Rafiq Rajput and Mohammad Imran.
La note reflete, selon WARA, le succes rapide, la croissance equilibree et les performances financieres saines de MCS, qui a su se positionner comme un Systeme Financier Decentralise (SFD) majeur au Senegal.
NATO has accused Russia of waging a ahybrid wara in Ukraine - a combination of supplying arms and ammunition to pro-Russian separatists in the countryas east, deploying unmarked special operations squads and vehicles in the conflict zone while denying their existence and leading a massive disinformation campaign both at home and abroad.
Y Plas, which will be broadcast next autumn, aims to show what life was like in a well to do Welsh mansion just before World Wara I changed life forever.
The letter was submitted to the Sweden foreign minister by ENTC's diplomatic representative in Stockholm, Aba Biya Ketema Wara Badi.
Under the deal, GS Engineering will provide gas pressure maintenance works to KOC in the Wara field within Kuwait's Greater Burgan oil field.
1 million ($500 million) water injection contract at the Wara field in southeast Kuwait.
Wara pressure maintenance project Tender no: RFP-2138 Description: The scope of work includes maintenance of Wara oil field pressure.
We have de-notified the status of conflict zones in 34 villages in tehsil Wara Mamund and 19 villages of tehsil Nawagai, Charmang areas," he had said.
The latest fighting broke out on Sunday afternoon in the militant stronghold of Wara Mamoon and lasted until midnight, local government official Bajaur Abdul Malik said.