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WARNING Notice at shop TROUBLE Mum Elaine after ejection and, inset, shopping
The Health Service Executive issued so-called early warning notices to organisations that it financially backs, insisting they would have to suffer the same wage reductions as public sector employees.
Every car using River Drive or the parking areas had its registration checked and drivers were issued with warning notices. The one arrest was for an alleged public nuisance offence.
The councillor behind the warning notices Dave Arrowsmith said: "We are aware that a handful of people have been climbing on to the Whittle Arches and want to remind them and anyone else that the structure isn't designed for climbing.
"We're pleased that the warning notice has now been lifted."
However, one cafe was caught breaking the rules and was slapped with a closure order by the municipality, while five other shisha cafes were served warning notice and were ordered to rectify their malpractices so they could adhere to the anti-tobacco law.
"It's rather absurd that the Health and Safety Executive have slapped themselves with a warning notice. It would be comical if it wasn't so serious."
In Al Kamil W'Al Wafi, officials inspected six restaurants and cafes where they issued one violation and warning notice each.
KARACHI -- A day after the Sindh Building Control Authority (SBCA) issued a warning notice to the private schools built on residential plots in Karachi, asking them to relocate to commercial areas, the Sindh government on Tuesday decided not to act against them, media reported.