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El mundo del rock and roll y del espectaculo y sus alrededores sin frontera, con todas sus locuaces drogas y su sexo rapaz, es especialmente indicado para el desgrane de anecdotas (en mis estantes de aqui al lado tengo panoramas de Seattle y del punk, radiografias de Warren Zevon y The Replacements, de Hunter S.
In years past, Dylan has occasionally delivered tributes to late friends and artists like Warren Zevon ('Mutineer' and others), Link Wray ('Rumble') and fellow Wilburys 'brother' George Harrison ('Something') onstage.
Portland's Garcia Birthday Band, or GBB, plays upbeat, rocking classics from Dead and the likes of Bob Dylan, Smokey Robinson, the Beatles, Johnny Cash, Jimmy Cliff, Merle Haggard, Warren Zevon, Phish and Peter Tosh.
BORN ELIZABETH I, Queen of England, 1533 BUDDY Holly, US rock'n'roll star, 1936 ROY DeMeo, American gangster, 1942 DIED KEITH Moon, UK rock drummer, 1978, above GODFREY Quigley, Irish actor, 1994 WARREN Zevon, US rock singer, 2003
THE great American singer-songwriter Warren Zevon - now no longer with us, unfortunately - does not make many appearances in The Journal's business section, but I am here to right that wrong.
The late, great American rocker Warren Zevon, a tortured soul for years before his untimely death at just 56, once sang: "I'll sleep when I'm dead.
But there are times here where the album is so much fun that any excesses can be forgiven, particularly when he delves into the sexy and darkly witty "If Death Were a Temptress,'' which has a great Warren Zevon sort of vibe, one that echoes the great songwriter's ability to seem both fearless and amused in the face of oblivion, never losing his ability to laugh at the darkness.
That material includes cover material by Bruce Springsteen, Bob Dylan, Megadeth and Warren Zevon.
The only modern-day Laurel Canyon band on the bill, the LA group were the real stars of the show, with their sprawling West Coast rock at its very best on their own Some People and a gritty run through Warren Zevon Lawyers's, Guns And Money.
HER" / SPIKE JONZE "I don't want to be the one who gets left behind" sang Warren Zevon in "Nobody's in Love This Year" a bitter-sweet ballad that seems out of place on his cyberpunk album "Transverse City.
While the Warren Zevon fan in me appreciates his epilogue's invocation to "send physics, math and money