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WASDWilliamsport Area School District (Pennsylvania)
WASDWyomissing Area School District
WASDWeatherly Area School District (Weatherly, PA)
WASDWest Allegheny School District (Pennsylvania)
WASDKeyboard binding for computer game movement
WASDWar Against Sickle Cell Disease
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The WASD and arrow keys are not only in a separate grey colour but also have their own separate backlighting.
The three-day event, organised by Ahlia University in association with WASD, aims to explore global viewpoints about the effect the global financial crisis may have on achieving sustainable development, particularly in developing countries.
For better visibility of the WASD and arrow keys, their brightness can be adjusted independently of the rest of the keyboard.
As Needed, Supplemental Data Requests Will Be Provided To Wasd As Identified By The Consultant.
Keys have an adjustable backlight that glows red in dark environments, and there are even specially-marked WASD cursor keys.
Cowell wasd pictured for the first time since the news of his baby emerged at X Factor auditions in Los Angeles on Wednesday night.
Meanwhile, WASD president and conference chairman Prof Allam Ahmed said the true impact of the credit crunch was still being felt.
The installation of this reclaimed water distribution pipeline is a critical component of the 20-year water use permit that WASD received from the South Florida Water Management District.
The thoroughbred horse which wasd in such bad condition it had to be destroyed
Despite the county's troubled real estate market and recessionary pressure on the local economy, WASD maintains multiple collection enforcement mechanisms and benefits from a broad and diverse service area.
WASD has developed a Multi-Year Capital Improvement Program (CIP) to upgrade its facilities and infrastructure system throughout the County in order to renew and replace the existing deteriorated system to accommodate future growth and development.
WASD encompasses 98 square miles with a student population of 5,600 students and Williamsport is home of the Little League World Series.