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WASEWipro Academy of Software Excellence
WASEWorld Association for Supported Employment (Willemstad, Netherlands)
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The farmers and herders' clash is not well pronounced in Kanam and Wase. Why siting the pilot scheme there instead of the Northern part of the state where this incident often occurs on a regular basis?
Rebika Komut, a first-time voter while speaking to ANI, said that WASE is urging the people not to become a party to any corrupt electoral practices.
His sister Freshta, who was a mother of three children, was killed by her husband, Abdul Wase, on night of Jan 21.
The total consideration for the transaction wase split between cash and shares, namely USD60m (EUR46m) for the cash portion and 2.7m Berkshire shares.
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WASE International Conference on Information Engineering (2010: Beidaihe, China) Ed.
Wipro BPO, Wipro Academy of Software Excellence ( WASE), ATS Services, Gandhi Fellowship and Teach For India Fellowship were the most sought after companies.
As a result of those two 40-point losses, head coach James Lowes wase forced to step aside to make way for England coach and former Giants chief Tony Smith.
Ringier Pacific Shanghai Representative Office Bruno Wase Bailey 4C-D Wan Zhong Building 1303 Yan An Road West, Shanghai 200050 China Phone: 86-21-6210-7574 Fax: 86-21-6213-1142 bruno@ringier.com.hk
Abdul Wase reported at the annual meeting of the Heart Rhythm Society.
Environmental education ranger at Elan Valley, Fiona Wase, said, ``Of the four groups to visit the new pond in its first week of use, it is already looking very promising, with a wide variety of pond creatures being collected by the children.
WASE - Hilda and Kevin Wase, of Springfield, a son.