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WNSWashington (DC) Numismatic Society
WNSWADP Numbering System (World Association for the Development of Philately)
WNSWireless Network Security
WNSWeismann-Netter Syndrome
WNSWestern Snow Conference
WNSWorldwide Network Systems
WNSWhite Nose Syndrome (bats)
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Also in the early 1990s, through collaboration between the Medical Assistance and Economic Services Administrations of DSHS, Washington started a pilot program to bring family planning services into DSHS welfare offices.
When the renovations at 1 Washington Park are complete, Newark will have the equivalent of a brand new office tower to feature as part of the Quad's transformation, along with the area's expanding transportation, cultural and entertainment assets," said Marc E.
Never in my life did I think I would have the experience to go to Japan,'' said Washington, 30, a Lancaster resident.
The route Washington thought could connect the coast to the West was the Potomac River, whose headwaters, at least on a map, were not out of reach of the tributaries of the Ohio River.
As the story goes, when an up-and-coming Denzel Washington met Sidney Poitier, seeing promise, Poitier offered Washington some choice words of advice.
The recurrent chills and fever that had plagued Washington at intervals of many years and that mercifully receded with doses of "the bark" would have been identified as malaria.
Brookhiser's account makes clear, however, that neither Washington nor his 18th-century admirers were oblivious to interest, nor did they seek to draw a veil over interest through classical heroic imagery.
Washington particularly liked the American holly's beauty and usefulness as hedging.
Held in October, the Washington International Horse Show (WIHS) is a year-end championship event with more than 600 horses and top national and international riders, including Olympic and World Cup medalists.