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Type of Violation New 2019 Maximum Serious $13,260 per violation Willful * or Repeated $132,598 per violation Failure to Abate $13,260 per day beyond the abatement date * The minimum Wiiifid penalty in effect is $9,472 BNCW would like to remind our General Contractor members that in Washington State, the Department of L&I has interpreted the Washington State Supreme Court's Stute decision to mean that if there is a serious violation by a subcontractor, the prime contractor may be cited for that violation, too.
Americans United, joined by a dozen religious freedom advocacy organizations, urged the Washington state Supreme Court on March 5 to affirm that a flower shop can't misuse religious freedom to deny service to LGBTQ couples.
1-10--just before the Washington state Supreme Court on Oct.
Washington State Supreme Court Justice Steven Gonzalez also spoke to the class about what the courtroom is like for people who have been involved in these types of shootings.
A unanimous Washington State Supreme Court in February held that a florist, Baronnelle Stutzman, violated the state's public accommodation antidiscrimination laws when she declined to create floral arrangements for a same-sex couple planning a wedding.
This February the Washington State Supreme Court, in a unanimous ruling, said Barronelle Stutzman, a florist, should have prepared flowers for a gay marriage, despite her religious beliefs.
The findings of the Senate report were backed by a ( ruling issued by the Washington state Supreme Court last year, which found Backpage helped develop the content of the ads that it hosted-though ( some have argued Backpage was merely describing its content policy and making sure the content was suitable for the site.
In September 2015, the Washington state supreme court became the nation's first to declare charter schools unconstitutional.
In August, the Washington state Supreme Court issued its opinion on Proposition 1 and, as part of the usual legal process, sent the case back to King County Superior Court for further proceedings in accordance with the Supreme Court's decision.
Washington State Supreme Court Justice Mary Yu, the first woman of color and the first out-lesbian to be appointed to the Washington State Supreme Court bench, made an entrance just in time to hear Seattle Pride Idol 2012 champion Jack Mozie croon to "Somewhere Over the Rainbow." Then, a mighty force took the stage: NBC's The Voice frontrunner Vicci Martinez, who is a Tacoma native.
In 2013, the Washington state Supreme Court considered and rejected the Buss approach to reimbursement of defense fees paid under reservation of rights.
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