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To bring effect to these policies and principles it has introduced a raft of legislation including the Control of Pollution Act 1974, Environmental Protection Act 1990, Controlled Waste Regulations 1991/2, Waste Management Licensing Regulation 1994, Pollution, Prevention and Control Regulations 2000, Landfill tax 1996, Landfill Directive 1991, Producer Responsibility Obligation (Packaging Waste) 1997 and the Environmental Protection (Duty of Care) Regulation 1991.
The recycling is controlled under a waste management licensing regime to help control the work and protect the environment and human health.
Dr Young, deputy director of Cazs Natural Resources at Bangor University, said: "The Agency has granted research exemption to waste management licensing, allowing us to compost organic wastes at each of the two sites.
The Waste Management Licensing (England and Wales) (Amendment and Related Provisions) Regulations mean that many companies require a good quality plan of their site drainage system.
Sustainability auditing and assessment Environmental management system auditing and assessment Environmental liability assessment Flood risk assessment Sustainable urban drainage assessment Geographical information system environmental risk ranking Contaminated land site investigation Remediation feasibility study and design Remediation contract management Waste management licensing Waste management planning and development
Coun Charles Fraser-Macnamara (Con Sedgley) said: 'The deposit of carcasses which have not been tested may be in contravention of an EC directive on waste and contrary to the Waste Management Licensing Regulations.
Under the new Waste Management Licensing Regulations 2006, which came into force on May 15 this year, farmers have to follow strict new guidelines on the disposal or re-use of waste products.
The agency aims to increase waste management licensing fees by 15 per cent as of April 1.
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