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WMPWindows Media Player (Microsoft)
WMPWith Much Pleasure
WMPWater Master Plan (various locations)
WMPWest Monroe Partners (Chicago, IL)
WMPWorkmanager Pro
WMPWealth Management Product
WMPWireless Media Processor
WMPWindows Media Player
WMPWhole Milk Powder
WMPWealth Management Professional
WMPWaste Management Plan
WMPWatershed Management Plan
WMPWhite Marine Pearl (drum color)
WMPWorld Music Press (Wauwatosa, WI)
WMPWeight Management Program
WMPWaste Minimization Program (various organizations)
WMPWhen Mana Permits (Everquest gaming)
WMPWar and Mobilization Plan (US DoD)
WMPWork Management Plan (Sprint - CMM)
WMPAir Force War and Mobilization Plan (US DoD)
WMPWetting My Pants (as in laughing; rolling on the floor wetting my pants)
WMPWeapon Monitoring Panel
WMPPostgraduate Programme in Business Management for Working Managers (IIM Lucknow)
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The whole intent of the Solid Waste Management Plan and its implementation is to reduce waste that needs to be sent to a landfill," Harvey said.
He further said BWMC had adopted effective anti-Congo precautionary measures by providing masks and gloves to their operational teams according to Eid-ul-Azha waste management plan.
BEIRUT: The Cabinet Thursday voiced its support for the state's waste management plan as activists rallied for an evening march to protest against the planned Burj Hammoud landfill.
Verification disclosed that the duly created Caloocan City Solid Waste Management Board has not yet completed the preparation of the City's ten-year Solid Waste Management Plan that will ensure the long-term managmenet of solid waste in its area of jurisdiction," auditors reported.
The goals of the state's Solid Waste Management Plan are:
These factors included revising construction contractual requirements, requiring project waste management plans, coordinating with recyclers and tracking/reporting recycling performance.
Registered facilities existing prior to December 31, 1993, were also required to have an approved animal waste management plan by December 31, 1997.
211/12 of october 22, 2012 regarding the adoption of the voivodeship waste management plan for mazovia.
Wayne County officials have declined Seneca County Manager John Sheppard's suggestion that the two counties seek proposals for a joint, state-mandated 10-year Solid Waste Management Plan.
To improve cleanliness in LRH, waste management plan was also given final shape to control infections caused by waste.
The Minister also hoped that the lengthily awaited waste management plan would be endorsed as soon as possible.
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