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WMINWaste Minimization
WMINWest Michigan Inclusion Network (Byron Center, MI)
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EcoWaste has observed that many local governments have seen the importance of waste minimization by banning or, at least, regulating the use of disposable plastic bags and polystyrene.
Corporate waste minimization efforts are actually an element of a larger, national pollution prevention initiative.
A recent Environmental Protection Agency notice describing an EPA-acceptable hazardous waste minimization program has been circulated to INDA members.
CMA) has established a waste minimization program called the Responsible Care Initiative.
The nine sessions of the Manufacturing Excellence track cover waste minimization, energy savings, and excellence in the way control systems are used.
Army, and some municipalities and businesses on projects involving waste minimization, hazardous materials management, pollution prevention and recycling.
By making improvements to the existing facilities along these lines, a number of critical emissions and waste minimization issues have been addressed and resolved: solid waste, by optimizing sand utilization, beneficially reusing residuals and reducing or eliminating hazardous chemicals in the process; water, by preventing contaminant run-off; and air, by reducing hazardous air pollutants through sand system optimization and by reducing fine particulates with vigilant dust collector monitoring and maintenance.
As discussed in this article, waste minimization presents competitive opportunities as well as pitfalls as businesses work to take environmental controls into account in both their short- and long-range planning.
Department of Energy and the Institute of Paper Science and Technology, the Energy Challenge competition encourages innovation, interest in science and engineering, and promotes awareness of energy efficiency, manufacturing design, recycling, waste minimization, and pulp and paper industrial processes.
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