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WGWicked Grin
WGWorking Group
WGWonder Girls (Korean girl band)
WGWohngemeinschaft (German)
WGWrong (logging abbreviation)
WGWhite Gold (jewelry)
WGWeight Gain (nutrition)
WGWastegate (automotive)
WGWhere's George
WGWorkshop on Graph-Theoretic Concepts in Computer Science
WGWest Germany
WGWelsh Guards (A British Regiment)
WGWage Grade
WGWar Game
WGWayne Gretzky (hockey player)
WGWorld Geography
WGWind Generator
WGWiseGuy (software)
WGWegener Granulomatosis
WGWire Gauge
WGWater Gauge
WGWie Geht's? (German greeting)
WGWave Guide
WGWaste Gas
WGWarsong Gulch (World of Warcraft)
WGWeapons Grade
WGWhispering Gallery
WGWater & Gas
WGWestern Growers (formerly Western Growers Association)
WGWithout Guarantee (shipping)
WGWing Guard (basketball; similar to shooting guard)
WGWater Generation
WGWestminster Group PLC (UK)
WGWest Genesee high school (Camillus, NY)
WGWeather Group (USAF)
WGWas Getekend (Dutch: Was Signed)
WGWhite Gorilla
WGWeight Guaranteed
WGWhirly-Girls (international women helicopter pilots)
WGWest Gore
WGWalkers Group (legal and management services)
WGWavelength Graph
WGWorship Graphics (website)
WGWorld Geologist
WGWaqooyi Galbeed (postal region, Somalia)
WGWelch-Gong Transformation Sequence
WGWeather Gun (Trevor Constable's rainmaker)
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Actuators Market for Automotive Application by Product Type (Throttle, Power Seat, EGR, Brake, VGT, Wastegate, Grille Shutter, Intake Flap, Electrical Exhaust/Sound Flap, & Thermo Module / Thermal Actuators) by Vehicle Type, by Region - Forecast to 2020 http://www.
The B-series turbos feature titanium compressor wheels, and electric actuators for the wastegate and turbine bypass control.
He has also fitted a stainless 3" exhaust system, twin alternator pulley/belts, modified fuel rails with turbosmart FPR and Bosch fuel pump turbosmart blow-off valve, turbosmart external wastegate fitted to standard turbo, uprated torsion LSD, Apex lowering springs 30mm, chrome RX8 wheels.
The report " Automotive Actuators Market by Product Type (Throttle, Power Seat, EGR, Brake, VGT, Wastegate, Grille Shutter, Intake Flap, Electrical Exhaust/Sound Flap & Thermo Module/Thermal Actuators) by Vehicle Type, by Geography - Forecast & Analysis to 2020" published by MarketsandMarkets, The global Automotive Actuators Market size, in terms of value, is projected to grow $13.
4-liter four-cylinder gasoline engine with its B01 turbocharger with integrated wastegate for controlled boost pressure.
Products acquired include exhaust gas recirculation modules (EGRs), electronic coolant pumps and valves, electronic wastegate actuators and electronic throttle bodies.
The turbocharger is designed to allow the wastegate valve to be electromechanically adjusted using only the minimum amount of electrical power, thereby efficiently providing power.
For diesel and gasoline engine applications, a Rotrex A/S supercharger in combination with a variable drive or electric/hydraulic motor can be applied either alone or with a larger wastegate turbocharger.
In other words, this turbocharger acts as an energy recovery device, capturing energy from the exhaust when a normal turbocharger would be dumping this energy through the wastegate.
VGT/VNT turbochargers are mainly used in passenger cars due to its excellent performance in low displacement engines, whereas wastegate turbochargers are used in commercial vehicle applications as it offers fuel efficiency over engine performance.