WASUPWater and Sanitation Umbrella Programme (African Medical & Research Foundation, Inc.; Tanzania)
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The front of the boat was badly damaged and the sea had come in to the cabin - it wasup to my knees.
Her situation deteriorated and she was put on the two-year kidney transplant list, but when the waiting time wasup with no success, mum Alison volunteered for a living transplant.
Owner Christos Karageoriades, 44, said: 'The place was wild and everybody wasup dancing.
I wasup against Zinedine Zidane, the outstanding player of this generation and that made it even more special.
Roy made the approach and it wasup to him to sort out his problems with United.
A force insider said: 'He made it clear to any officers he came across that he wasup for a ruck and wouldn't hold back.
I remember one Scottish Cup tie at Tannadice in particular when Aitken wasup to his old tricks.
Last week, Julie spotted another advert in the paper saying Locke's own horse wasup for sale.
Isaid to the governors that I felt I should resign and, after that, it wasup to them.