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WATCHCONWatch Condition (Military I&W Status)
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Le Watchcon (Watch Condition), un dispositif d'alerte a 5 niveaux determinant les niveaux de tension entre les deux pays de la peninsule, a ete reactive pour accroitre les effectifs et les moyens de reconnaissance militaire.
The WATCHCON, or Watch Condition to measure reconnaissance posture against the DPRK, was upgraded after South Korea and the DPRK traded fires across border Thursday over the propaganda broadcasts.
SOFs searched for birds with binoculars and called the Bird Watch Condition (BWC) along with Tower controllers and Airfield Operations.
Within hours, he compiled a quick reaction kit including a draft BASH OI, bird tracker, BASH NOTAM, Supervisor of Flying Bird Watch Condition guide, Bird Strike Mishap Form, and applicable AFIs.
These traps, along with the local bird watch condition were monitored daily to ensure no wildlife interfered with local B-52 and A-10 aircraft operations.
Flight operational considerations, such as Bird Watch Condition Codes or BWCCs and Bird Avoidance Models or BAMs, are used in risk management decisions to reduce wildlife strikes.
Weather at the time was visual meteorological conditions and the Tinker bird watch condition was low.
Our team continues to watch conditions closely and will post updates here," the authorities wrote on Twitter.
Giorgos Tryfonides, under whose watch conditions at the Central Prisons have arguably deteriorated, said yesterday his "conscience is clear" as he left the job, and this hours after a fifth inmate at the correctional facility took his own life.
citizens who reside in or travel to Cote d'Ivoire should watch conditions carefully, maintain situational awareness, and pay very close attention to their personal security.
We will either come to grips with this issue or continue to watch conditions on Earth deteriorate.