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References in classic literature ?
And now, there he sat, with the remains of a beard at least a week old encumbering his chin; a soiled and crumpled shirt-frill crouching, as it were, upon his breast, instead of standing boldly out; a demeanour so abashed and drooping, so despondent, and expressive of such humiliation, grief, and shame; that if the souls of forty unsubstantial housekeepers, all of whom had had their water cut off for non-payment of the rate, could have been concentrated in one body, that one body could hardly have expressed such mortification and defeat as were now expressed in the person of Mr Lillyvick the collector.
How often do water cuts happen in the Klang Valley?
"The Glow device will disrupt the conventional way of performing water cut activity and will reset the industrial standards.
Based on the relation curve between the water cut and the water saturation (Figure 3) and the relation curve between water saturation and oil displacement efficiency (Figure 4), the current ineffective circulation thickness ratio [h.sub.w1] and the final ineffective circulation thickness ratio can be determined, which is 5% and 21%, respectively.
At the press conference which was held today at PAEW HQs' al- Mahrouqi pointed out that the PAEW has taken a number of measures to address water cut off in some wilayats in the Governorate of Muscat, such as activating the alternative water wells and pump their full capacity at the collection tanks, networks and water truck filling stations in Al Khoudh, Wadi Uddy, Barka, Baushar, Ezz and Abu Khaisa.
Five-star hotels and shopping malls would now be facing 50 per cent water cut, while water supply to civic swimming pools and gardens have been totally shut off, till further notice.
In this regard, it is imperative to fully understand and study the flow rates, flow regimes/patterns, liquid-hold-up/ water cut (WC), pressure gradients, and volume fractions of gas, oil, and water going into the pipelines during transportation of petroleum products.
The water cut started on Wednesday and led to the closure of Hearsall Primary School in Kingston Road.
In order to get the answers which will be able to apply in large-scaling cases and solve the corresponding problems in reservoir scaling, inverse problem models have to be assumed to achieve the equations by minimization of objective function differently between real water cut and calculation water cut.
Production from the field for the month of June averaged 1,797 barrels of oil per day at an average water cut of 8% with 2.5 mmcf/d of associated solution gas.
The restricted flow back results recorded a maximum oil rate of 1320 BOPD, a reduced water rate from an initial rate of 2800 BWPD to 470 BWPD that is commensurate with an initial water cut of 86% reducing to a water cut of 48% while gas rates varied between 1.38 mmcfpd to 0.9 mmcfpd.
"We're the ones who call the water company to inform them that there's a water cut; they have no idea what's going on," Mahmoud said