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So-called virtual water exports 'the molecules of H20 embedded in exported goods, alongside those rendered unusable by the production of those goods' amount to a net 95.4 billion cubic metres a year, according to data collected by the Water Footprint Network, a group that encourages thriftier usage.
Drawing a connection between the use of water and meat consumption by quoting Water Footprint Network, PETA said: "It takes 322 litres of water to produce one kilogram of vegetables.
As for household consumption, according to the Water Footprint Network Organisation, only 4% of the water footprint accounts for water in the home.
La evaluacion de huella hidrica se desarrolla en cuatro fases segun metodologia desarrollada por la Water Footprint Network (Hoekstra et al.
The Water Footprint Network (The Hague, Netherlands) estimates that each gallon of wine requires 872 gallons of water for grape irrigation, wine manufacturing and equipment sanitation.
ITP member companies collaborated to develop the methodology, working with KPMG as technical consultants and with feedback from a stakeholder steering group of global experts, including the Stockholm International Water Institute (SIWI), Water Footprint Network, CDP and CEO Water Mandate.
Therefore, in this paper the main objective was to calculate the water footprint (WF) of the Colombian cocoa production using the international methodology of water footprint network, of which takes into account the water volumes.
"The size and composition of a nation's per capita ecological footprint reflects the goods and services used by an average person in that country, and the efficiency with which resources, including fossil fuels, are used in providing these goods and services," said the report, which was created in collaboration with the Zoological Society of London, the Global Footprint Network and the Water Footprint Network.
The best way to export water is through food." It takes about 900 litres of water to produce a kilogramme of corn, and double that amount for a kilogramme of soybeans, according to the Water Footprint Network website.
In an effort to get consumers, companies, and entire countries to recognize the true costs of their water use, a few environmental groups are promoting the concept of out "water footprint." The idea "very much brings the water problem to the people," explains its creator, Arjen Hoekstra, scientific director of the Netherlands-based Water Footprint Network. Just as calculating carbon footprints has encouraged--and shocked--many Americans into seriously considering their personal environmental impacts, Hoekstra hopes that water foot-printing will reveal the gushing faucet behind every purchase we make.