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Even the $230 million Red Hook Water Pollution Control Plant, completed in 1987, cannot keep up with the combined sewage overflows.
The LACSD had been composting from 45 to 140 dry tons of sewage sludge per day in open windrows at its Joint Water Pollution Control Plant in Carson, Calif.
The Newton Water Pollution Control Plant releases treated wastewater into Cardinal Creek based on stipulations issued by the IDNR.
Vitucci's portfolio of work includes the construction of escalators at Grand Central Station and Cadman Plaza, the Corona Maintenance and Car Wash Facility, and the Bowery Bay Water Pollution Control Plant.
The Ontario Clean Water Agency operates the county's wastewater facilities consisting of the Paris Water Pollution Control Plant, the St.
NORDIC BUSINESS REPORT-9 January 2007-Skanska wins USD150m contract to upgrade water pollution control plant in the US(C)1994-2007 M2 COMMUNICATIONS LTD http://www.
5 million in upgrades to secondary sewage treatment facilities at the city's water pollution control plant on Atlantic Avenue, Scott says.
The proposed route crossed the river just upstream of a water pollution control plant.
The San Francisco Public Utilities Commission has offered a contract worth $939 million for the replacement of the biosolid digester facilities at the city's Southeast Water Pollution Control Plant the largest wastewater treatment plant in San Francisco.
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