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WPCRFWater Pollution Control Revolving Fund (Colorado)
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In 2014, the Boxelder Sanitation District used $11 million in assistance from the Colorado Water Pollution Control Revolving Fund to replace its aerated lagoon system with an Orbal nitrification plant, which is successfully removing biological nutrient levels, including ammonia, from wastewater discharges year-round.
Tenders are invited for professional services for construction materials testing during construction phase services using funds from the water pollution control revolving fund and emergency loan fund act for the repair of an existing sanitary sewer system, the construction of new sewer force mains, and retirement of old sanitary sewer lines.
Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) through the State of Washington Department of Ecology Water Pollution Control Revolving Fund (SRF) program.
Secretary Small s decision allows Rehoboth Beach to proceed with its request to borrow an estimated $25 million from the State s Water Pollution Control Revolving Fund and to move forward with plans to eliminate the largest single wastewater discharge to Delaware s Inland Bays which would have immediate beneficial impact on the water quality of one of the state s most cherished natural resources.
Under Title VI of the act, grants to capitalize State Water Pollution Control Revolving Funds, or loan programs, were authorized beginning in FY1989 to replace the Title II grants.
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