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[21] explain that in co-gasification of Shenmu coal and pine sawdust, the low fixed carbon content of biomass results in an increase in the steam/fixed carbon ratio and therefore CO decreases as it is consumed in the water gas shift reaction. Some researchers investigate the coal contents in cogasification [37,51].
This trend of [H.sub.2] is mainly due to the effect of exothermic water gas shift reaction. At higher temperature ranges reversal of the reaction, as per Le-Chatelier's principle, is responsible for the decrease in [H.sub.2] mole fraction.
Excessive iron content covered the active component Ni and aggravated the water gas shift reaction.
The water gas shift reaction is a second partial equilibrium subsystem depending on the catalyst.
This decrease in carbon dioxide is due to the effect of carbonation reaction (Ca[O.sub.(s)] + C[O.sub.2(g)] [right arrow]CaC[O.sup.3(s)]) whereas the decrease in carbon monoxide is due to effect of forward water gas shift reaction. As C[O.sub.2] is captured using CaO, the partial pressure of carbon dioxide in the product side of water gas shift reaction decreases.