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WJWoodcock Johnson (psychoeducational battery)
WJWestjet (airline)
WJWest Jordan (Utah)
WJWater Jet
WJWalter Johnson High School (Bethesda, Maryland)
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Cathay Pacific customers traveling to Macao will enjoy check-through baggage and a choice of six daily direct Cotai Water Jet sailings, which depart from the SkyPier at HKIA, ensuring expedient and flexible inter-modal transport connectivity.
Water Jet Sweden's machine model "Micro" (NCM 10) is specially developed for the FAWJ-process and is used for manufacturing of micro components.
The velocity of the outlet water jet is near to 200-300 m/s.
It can cut through granite like paper and is the only water jet cutting machine in the UK that can cut at angles.
Due to many benefits of water jet it is possible to use kinetic energy of waterjet for destruction of bone cement --interface between femoral stem and trabecular bone in case of reimplantation of femoral stems (Fig.
Research of high speed water jet technology--cooperation of important institutions and practical use supported by the Government
Method of cutter cutting cobalt-rich crusts with water jet is proposed in this paper to improve the safety of mining system and to decrease impact load of cutter.
India, May 16 -- Jet Edge has introduced the new 150hp, 60,000 psi iP60-150 water jet intensifier pump, which is capable of producing up to 3 gallons per minute (11.
com)-- AC Water Jet is proud to offer their prospective customers a free comprehensive estimate on water jet cutting in Ontario and any water jet.
A Swiss company with a branch in North Carolina has introduced a CNC water jet cutting machine with a positioning accuracy within 1 micrometer, about 10 times tighter than conventional water jet cutting machines.
The Milestone five axis precision water jet cutting machine, said to be capable of cutting virtually any material, is available in three sizes, including 5.