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WGWicked Grin
WGWorking Group
WGWonder Girls (Korean girl band)
WGWohngemeinschaft (German)
WGWrong (logging abbreviation)
WGWhite Gold (jewelry)
WGWeight Gain (nutrition)
WGWastegate (automotive)
WGWhere's George
WGWorkshop on Graph-Theoretic Concepts in Computer Science
WGWest Germany
WGWelsh Guards (A British Regiment)
WGWage Grade
WGWar Game
WGWayne Gretzky (hockey player)
WGWorld Geography
WGWind Generator
WGWiseGuy (software)
WGWegener Granulomatosis
WGWire Gauge
WGWater Gauge
WGWie Geht's? (German greeting)
WGWave Guide
WGWaste Gas
WGWarsong Gulch (World of Warcraft)
WGWeapons Grade
WGWhispering Gallery
WGWater & Gas
WGWestern Growers (formerly Western Growers Association)
WGWithout Guarantee (shipping)
WGWing Guard (basketball; similar to shooting guard)
WGWater Generation
WGWestminster Group PLC (UK)
WGWest Genesee high school (Camillus, NY)
WGWeather Group (USAF)
WGWas Getekend (Dutch: Was Signed)
WGWhite Gorilla
WGWeight Guaranteed
WGWhirly-Girls (international women helicopter pilots)
WGWest Gore
WGWalkers Group (legal and management services)
WGWavelength Graph
WGWorship Graphics (website)
WGWorld Geologist
WGWaqooyi Galbeed (postal region, Somalia)
WGWelch-Gong Transformation Sequence
WGWeather Gun (Trevor Constable's rainmaker)
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The Watergate will also boast a palatial rooftop with 360-degree views of the river, the Capitol and the Washington Monument.
Although no evidence existed that Nixon had ordered the Watergate break-in, it was revealed in the famous "smoking gun tape" of June 23, 1972 that he tried to get the CIA to block an investigation of it by the FBI.
Thus did the public wake up Sunday morning to find that two key members of the Nixon administration had resigned, and the Watergate special prosecutor had been fired.
Mallon manipulates his characters to suit his story, even descending into a kind of melodrama that is ill-suited to the Watergate events of history, which were dramatic enough in themselves.
Unlike most congressional hearings today, the Watergate hearings were high drama--true reality TV that riveted millions of Americans.
For adrenaline junkies, food junkies and relaxation junkies, Watergate Bay Hotel and Xtreme Academy is the place to get your fix.
At the time Tony Blair was questioned there was a hint of Watergate about it - that hint is an awful lot stronger now.
Americans, weary and disillusioned by Watergate, gave Ford a 71 percent approval rating.
Watergate may not have been e brightest spot in American political history, but at least it generated some genuine investigative celebrities--team Woodward-Bernstein, lead counsel Sam Dash, and Democratic senator Sam Ervin, the "country lawyer" who chaired the Senate probe.
Investigating a 1972 burglary at Washington's Watergate Hotel, Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein sensed a larger story.
Woodward, with help from his partner, Carl Bernstein, published the damning information that helped expose the Watergate scandal and bring down the Nixon administration.
At the end of May the world learned the solution to the biggest mystery of the Watergate scandal: Deep Throat, the anonymous tipster who leaked information to Washington Post reporter Bob Woodward, was Mark Felt--the number 2 guy at the FBI.