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In this sense, results in the literature have indicated that the acoustic wave propagation velocity increases with age, especially until the transition period from juvenile to adult wood (Grabianowski et al.
In the second section of the paper we infer the expression of the wave propagation velocity in a fluid when the density and the pressure vary adiabatically.
In the present work, a generalized one-dimensional pseudostatic formulation is developed to estimate nuclear-air-blast-induced vertical ground displacement that accounts for (i) nonlinear stress-strain behaviour [e.g., 19,20], (ii) stress-dependent wave propagation velocity, and (iii) stress wave attenuation.
4 is the calculation of wave propagation velocity in the given media.
The measured wave propagation velocity is equal to 3500 m.[s-.sup.1].
Their results showed interesting relationships between various petrographic parameters (such as crystal size and/or porosity) and the ultrasonic wave propagation velocity.
To obtain the maximum area which could be inspected using this sensor configuration, the time of arrival for each FBG was set to 100 [micro]s, and the conservative lower wave propagation velocity was considered.
There is not much difference between tomogram in Figure 5(c) and tomogram in Figure 11(c); both tomograms succeed to spot the 100% void with wave propagation velocity lower than 3900 [ms.sup.-1] and the size of the void is same size as the tendon duct.
The electromagnetic properties of the air are slightly different from that of a vacuum, and are characterized at each point by the refractive index, n=c/v, with v as the local electromagnetic wave propagation velocity [6].
TDP technology is based on the measurement of the time difference in which shock wave arrives every FBG probe distributed in different position, wave propagation velocity, and processing these measured data to determine the coordinates of the wave source as shown in Fig.
After a period of time (which depends on the percussion rod length and the wave propagation velocity), at the boundary limits new waves occur.