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WAWEWorld Association of Women Entrepreneurs
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Proving that pissing off 20,000 maniacal fans at the Primavera Sound Festival isn't enough to tank a career in lo-fi rock and roll, friend of the mag Nathan Williams and his Wawes trio/duo enlisted Spanky to don some top-heavy alien attire for their Patrick O'Dell-directed "Post Acid" music video.
kinge Edwarde * 3 * | crowned at westminst | the next sondaye after | the puryfycation of | of our lady; the yeare | of o(ur) lorde * [blot] 1326 * | In this king(es) Reigne | was the onely staple | for leather, leade, | & wooll * | Then 50 churches | there * but nowe | this yeare: 1623 * | onely churches * | one of them A brave | cathedrall church * | scarsely the like | in this landed | And bears the blessed | virgine maries | name * | the towne thoughe | Auncient * throughe | wawes: & tyme * | desac(rate)d | and | Ruina= | ted * | Most of the annotations by this 1623 hand cluster in the early portions of the British history, up to the arrival of Saint Augustine and the passage of dominion from ancient British to Anglo-Saxon rule.
The statue of Venus, glorious for to se, Was naked, fletynge in the large see, And fro the navele doun al covered was With wawes grene, and brighte as any glas.
In the Proem to Book ii of Troilus, the narrator claims to be at the helm in a boat, at the mercy of the tempestuous waves of his matter and sources:</p> <pre> Owt of thise blake wawes for to saylle, O wynd, O wynd, the weder gynneyth clere;
Owt of thise blake wawes for to saylle-- O wynd, O wynd, the weder gynneth clere-- For in this see the boot hath swych travaylle Of my conning that unneth I it steere.
We are given a typical example from Pb: asked what he sees from the train travelling by the sea in Liguria, Johnny in reply quotes Malory, 'I see nothing but wawes and winds' (1.
WAM (West African Mining), EPEA West (Electrics, Power and Electronics Africa, WAWES (Water, Waste, Environment and Safety) will be held at the Ghana International Trade Centre in Accra 27-30 June.
The verb walwen is the reading of five A copies, with wawen in the base text and three others, wawes in two, and walkyn in one; B has the variant walweth in two manuscripts; C text's walketh is found in four copies, with waleweth in twelve including the base text, and wawen in two.
Wawes' brand of no-fi garage rock reminds skateboarders of the sound in our heads when we're stoked and wasted in the sunshine, bombing hills to wherever our friends are hanging out.
30 loo whate amarryner lowe hays made <me> & en grene <way> wawes when the ssallte ffloode dootht sswalle <w> by rayges off wynde a thwssande ffayn<ce?>sys en that moode assalles my resteles mynde allas nowe drenches my sswete ffoo t 35