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WBMWine Business Monthly (magazine)
WBMWeb Based Management
WBMWeb Based Marketplace
WBMWeb Business Manager
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WBMWindows Boot Manager (Microsoft)
WBMWater Bound Macadam (transportation engineering)
WBMWebsphere Business Modeler (IBM)
WBMWater Based Mud
WBMWay Back Machine
WBMWorld Book Market (book seller co-operative)
WBMWeight & Balance Manual
WBMWide Band Manager
WBMWhine, Bitch, and Moan
WBMWhole Blood Management
WBMWhole Blood Modified
WBMWideband Net Manager
WBMWhite Boy Mafia
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Wayback Machine Confirmed Google's Homepage Did Feature Links To Trump's Speech
Since Wayback Machine's public debut in 2001 at the University of California in Berkeley, it has migrated its database to more sophisticated digital methods.
Some issues can be found via the Internet Archive Wayback Machine. (28)
In so doing, they forged alternative narratives -- of resistance; of memory (the collective's name is a play on the Wayback Machine, an early digital archive of the World Wide Web); and ultimately, of truth-telling.
The next day's plenary session featured Brewster Kahle (founder of the Internet Archive and developer of the Wayback Machine).
We presented Beall's criteria as they had been archived in Internet Archive's Wayback Machine and walked through the areas where we felt that our publication efforts and practices could be viewed as substandard and potentially labeled predatory based on these criteria.
You can do this manually--I like using my Mac's "save as PDF" feature--or online by saving a copy to the Internet Archive's Wayback Machine. This can be done directly or by using a browser plug-in.
The WayBack Machine allows users to enter a URL or keywords and see the history of over 279 billion web pages.
Highland Technology (San Francisco, CA) has announced its model P350 "Wayback Machine" a compact Ethernet-based waveform playback unit designed for aerospace simulation testing.
High school aged kids said, "Look, it's the Wayback Machine!" Such was one of the typical reactions as the Mile Days Tour hit schools and track meets on both coasts in April through June.
The board addressed the three key issues in any IPR proceeding as: rationale to combine references, secondary considerations of non-obviousness, and evidentiary issues relating to a website obtained using the Internet Archives "Wayback Machine."