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WBWarner Brothers
WBWide Band
WBWill Be
WBWestern Blot (biochemistry/molecular biology)
WBWhite Balance (digital photography)
WBWorld Bank
WBWest Bengal (state in India)
WBWeber (SI unit of magnetic flux)
WBWilkes-Barre (Pennsylvania)
WBWide Body
WBWeight Bearing
WBWorkbench (Amiga GUI)
WBWelcome Back (chat)
WBWeekly Bulletin
WBWest Bank
WBWater Board
WBWireless Broadband (Ciena)
WBWhole Body
WBWest Bend
WBWrite Back
WBWhole Blood
WBWestern Blotting
WBWhy Bother
WBWorld Book (encyclopedia)
WBWall Breakers (gaming)
WBWhite Belt (Lean Six Sigma training)
WBWriters Block
WBWachovia Bank (stock symbol)
WBWest Branch
WBWilliam Beaumont (medicine school; Oakland University; Michigan)
WBWine Bar
WBWet Bulb (Temperature)
WBWater Base
WBWhite Board
WBWeighing Balance
WBWest Bloomfield (Michigan)
WBWinter Break
WBWomen's Bureau (US Department of Labor)
WBWhistle Blower
WBWheat Bread
WBWood Badge (Boy Scouts of America)
WBWindow Box
WBWord Before (logging abbreviation)
WBWaste Basket (computer/OS usage)
WBWest Berlin
WBWerktuigbouwkunde (Dutch)
WBWhite Border
WBWaybill (shipping)
WBWeather Bureau
WBWire Basket
WBWomen Build (Habitat for Humanity)
WBWork Boat (US Navy)
WBWarm Blood (saddle)
WBWar Birds
WBWilliamsburg Bridge (NYC)
WBWater Basin
WBWater Barrier
WBWhite Bag (artillery propellant)
WBWeather Balloon
WBWater Ballast
WBWing Bowl (competitive eating contest; Philadelphia, PA)
WBWeebl and Bob (cartoon)
WBWage Board
WBWillow Beach
WBWeigh Bridge
WBWelded Bonnet
WBWhere the Brothers (Mad TV)
WBWire Bonded
WBWeldbond (glue)
WBWater Brake
WBWarrant Bond
WBWestern Baptist College (Salem, Oregon)
WBWear Bushing (oil drilling)
WBWilson Bohannan Padlock Co (Marion, Ohio)
WBWesterly Band (Pawcatuck, CT)
WBWaldwick Band (Waldwick, NJ)
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Waybill is actively pursuing further acquisition opportunities in a number of markets worldwide.
With no software to install, and no databases or servers to maintain, Express Waybill is a web-based app that is accessed from the user's browser.
A lengthy rant against the pharmaceutical industry led into Turn Me On, with Waybill donning a TV set head, singing through a screen of pill bottles.
The consignment of air waybills however can play an important role in securing the goods and processing their release through customs at the destination airport.
Weighing these factors, the court found that the Section 6 principles favored application of United States law because that law vindicated the parties' expectation as expressed in the contract of carriage entered into between the parties, i.e., the air waybill, that federal common law would be applicable to claims against air carriers for lost or damaged goods transported internationally.
did not become a party to The Hague Protocol until after the Senate had consented to the Protocol's ratification after the issuance of the present waybill.
He (Waybill, not the bat) hopes to be fit in time for the band's show at Liverpool's Carling Academy next Tuesday - a must-see gig for fans of the American outfit's in-your-face, performance-art rock.
But this is a true rock star here -- so it doesn't take long before the cold outside is forgotten and Waybill's warming to the task of dishing out the anecdotes.
Even though they're on the far side of 50, original members Fee Waybill (lead vocals), Prairie Prince (drums) and Rick Anderson (bass) are still tubular.
NORDIC BUSINESS REPORT-5 June 2002-UPDATE: SysOpen Oyj sells Waybill operations to Finland Post (C)1994-2002 M2 COMMUNICATIONS LTD http://www.m2.com
Their videos were even stranger, featuring legions of scantily clad women as well as frontman Fee Waybill's outrageous onstage persona.
The waybill is an historical record of the item being shipped.