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WAGDWhat a Great Dog! (Texas)
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WAGDWe're All Going Down (band)
WAGDWe All Gonna Die (gaming slang)
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She said she and Mills wanted to get an ambulance but were stopped by Wheatley who said 'no we're all going down for this, we need to get our story straight.
After Friday then we're all going down to support our first team in their Irish Cup semifinal with Linfield.
Anthony has duties to perform when they first dock involving showing the various dignitaries around but we're all going down tomorrow - it's also my brother's 60th birthday so we're looking forward to a memorable family celebration.
I believe the owner's husband has had a decent bet on him at 14-1, and we're all going down to Wimbledon full of hope.
Acknowledging the widespread anxiety felt by many healthcare and healthcare IT leaders in the rapidly changing operating environment, Mostashari told his audience, "Someone said to me recently that it feels like we're all going down the rapids now, and there are lots of rocks, and it's very scary.
If the ship sinks at least we know we're all going down with it.